Family Law

Family law incorporates family matters and relationships such as marriage and civil unions, divorce, settlement agreement maintenance, child custody, child abuse and domestic violence.

It’s important to understand crucial aspects such as your rights when you get divorced, and the monetary aspects relating to divorce; including repercussions relating to assets and the divisions thereof. Understand all the factors regarding the children, including how to implement a parenting plan, how to file for maintenance and child support, etc.

May provide legal aid if you are having any of the above mentioned family issues. If you are having a family matter that you need legal help with, we suggest that you seek legal assistance from a professional legal firm.

Du Pre Le Roux Attorneys provide legal assistance for:


  • Drafting and registration of Ante-nuptial contracts
  • Applications to register post-nuptial contracts
  • Divorce
  • Settlement Agreements Maintenance
  • Access to and contact with minor children
  • Surrogacy Agreements and Court Orders



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